Celebrate With Great Taste

I love this drink. It looks amazing not to mention the incredible aroma and beautiful taste. Next time I choose not to drink alcohol, I’ll be on the Rhubarb & Rose with Tonic.

about us

Hello there! Our drinks are inspired by the Derbyshire heritage of Burrows & Sturgess dating back to 1850 when the people of this newly industrialised and fast changing land began to demand non alcoholic drinks offering new and exciting flavours.

Staying true to the Derbyshire spirit of innovation we’ve set out to bring the wonderful people of Derbyshire and Great Britain our botanical blends that will excite and delight their senses.

Rocking your drink

Each ingredient of our botanical blends is carefully selected to excite and delight your senses, whether you choose to drink them with or without alcohol.

Just so you know...

Our drinks are made in small batches using exclusively natural ingredients and Derbyshire spring water, so you know you’re celebrating with great taste!

suggested serves

Here are a few ways our Rhubarb & Rose blend can rock your drink


10 parts (about 200ml) of your favourite premium tonic water over ice and crowned with ½ part (10ml) Rhubarb & Rose

The Classic serve is a delightfully dry and aromatic drink for you to savour marrying the tartness of Rhubarb with a hint of sweetness.


Approx. 6 parts (about 125ml)
sparkling wine with ½ part (10ml)
Rhubarb & Rose

The Sparkle Serve gives your bubbles
an extra zing with every sip, not to mention a beautiful colour that you can’t help but admire.


10 to 12 parts (200ml to 240ml) sparkling mineral water, ¼ smashed lime, over ice and crowned with 1 part (20ml) Rhubarb & Rose.

The Halo Serve is one that gives a wonderful aroma as well as a taste that has complex layers of flavour for you to enjoy (btw it’s 54 cal)

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